Spalding Golf Club

The Golf Course

To see the layout of the course, please click on the link. (Course Map)

Hole One

Par 4

423 yards S.I 9

Hitting the fairway is a must if you want to get to the green in two. Miss the green on the right and you could be off to a bad start.

Hole Two

Par 4 S.I 5

Pick your target off the tee and forget the river, small green which gathers from the left.

Hole Three

Par 5 S.I 15

Should be looking for a birdie here but watch out with your drive, the bunker on the right tends to bite.

Hole Four

Par 4 S.I 1

Wide fairway, big green and easy to take three from the front.

Hole Five

Par 4 S.I 13

If you are going to miss this fairway, left is best. Playing too safe from the tee can leave you in need of a very precise second shot.

Hole Six

Par 3 S.I 3

You will have a difficult chip if you miss the green the same side as the pin.

Hole Seven

Par 4 S.I 17

Plan the second shot, sometimes it is better not to fly it all the way.

Hole Eight

Par 5 S.I 7

You can let it rip off the tee, but the third shot is easier from 90 yards than it is from 30 or 40 yards.

Hole Nine

Par 3 S.I 11

Watch the water but be very wary of the back bunker as you will be playing out back towards the water hazard.

Hole Ten

Par 4 S.I 10

Hitting the fairway is a premium, second shot is very deceptive, an extra club is recommended.

Hole Eleven

Par 4 S.I 18

Tee shot needs to be well to the right hand side of the fairway, unless you are out with the driver. No margin for error with the approach shot.

Hole Twelve

Par 4 S.I 8

Aim at what you see, easy hole if you hit the fairway. Left is better than right.

Hole Thirteen

Par 5 S.I 2

Courage with the tee shot will set up a good birdie chance. Too safe and you will be blocked out on the right.

Hole Fourteen

Par 4 S.I 16

Just short of the willows is ideal, anything right and you will have to play for a chip and a putt.

Hole Fifteen

Par 4 S.I 4

What you see is what you get, narrow green.

Hole Sixteen

Par 3 S.I 14

Easy to underestimate the wind, use an extra club so as not to force your shot.

Hole Seventeen

Par 4 S.I 6

Down the right is best off the tee, some dead ground over the bunker so play the yardage for your second shot.

Hole Eighteen

Par 4 S.I 12

Hold your nerve, a good lay up shot required from the tee as the fairway gathers from the right. Going through the green will leave a tricky up and down.

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