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Membership, Handicap & Competition Registration

Membership, Handicap & Competition Registration

 Senior Membership

You must be a member of the Spalding Golf Club to join the Seniors.  If you are, familiarise yourself with the Seniors Rules within this Section of the website.  If you are not a member of our Seniors but wish to become one please contact the Secretary, Dennis Farnsworth (phone 01406 380816 or email

 Handicap Prerequisite 

Before you can participate in any of our activities you must have a CONGU handicap.  Please contact the Secretary, see above, should you require further guidance on handicap allocation.

 Inactive Handicaps  

The Club Ruling applies also to the Senior Section.  For Members who have an Inactive Handicap this means:

  1. They may play in all Medal and Stableford Competitions but will not be awarded any prize should they win.  Any card they submit will count towards the three required to Activate their Handicap.
  2. They may play in all Extra Competitions and should they win, will receive a prize as normal.
  3. Only Members with an Active Handicap are eligible for selection to play in Club Matches or Knockout Competitions.
  4. Please contact the Secretary (01406 380816) should you require further guidance on this subject.

Qualifying Competitions Registration 

The Seniors Section will use the clubs computer systems to manage the results for each qualifying competition. To participate in any of these competitions you MUST register on the clubs computer before proceeding to the first tee. On completion of your round you will need to login to the clubs computer again and enter your score, on a per hole basis.

Non-Qualifying Competitions & Special Events Registration

By their nature non-qualifying competitions and special events do not affect members handicaps.  It is possible to use the clubs computer systems to manage these.  However, generally it is the Senior Committee who will provide the management and registration directions for these events. 

Golf Club Website

The Spalding Golf Club website deploys the intelligent golf system recommended by the EGU and used by our Club to register all members who have a CONGU handicap and to record their ongoing handicap fluctuations. Each club member will be allocated a login and password and can make use of the information provided within. The system will normally be used to manage all qualifying competitions but may sometimes be used for non-qualifying events as well.

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Further detailed guidance:
Members can find a members contact details at “My Golf”//Directory
Membership listing with handicaps available at “Competitions”//Handicaps
Statistics of your game at “My Golf”//My Rounds
Analysis of my game at “My Golf”//Analysis
Print a Handicap Certificate at “My Golf”//Handicap Certificate
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