Joining Spalding Golf Club

Spalding Golf Club is a friendly private members club and currently has vacancies for membership. New members are made to feel very welcome, with regular golf events, competitions and 'away days' organised to encourage mingling and a very active social calendar. We offer a wide range  of membership packages at Spalding Golf Club, so there’s something to suit everybody.

The application process for membership is very simple. Please fill in an application form and return to the Secretary. You can download the form by clicking on the link,  (application form) or contacting the club on (01775) 680386 and we can send you a form.  Once this has been received  and approved, you will be contacted by the S ecretary to come to the club for an informal induction, this is a chance to show you around, to answer any questions that you may have, and to introduce you to fellow golfers. We aim to help you join as a member and play golf with us within the week!

New to golf or haven't much time to play? Try our new Lifestyle Membership, freedom to choose and play when it's convenient to you! Please click on the link for the Lifestyle Parameters,  

If you have any further questions regarding membership, do not hesitate to contact  the club on (01775) 680386 or 




Cost Per Annum


Full Playing Member

7 days a week playing rights


25 – 30 years

7 days a week playing rights


Student over 21

Must be in full time education. 

7 days a week playing rights


21 – 24 years

7 days a week playing rights


Playing Spouse of Full Paying Member

Weekdays and Sundays only (until handicap acquired, max 2 years)


Associate Member


7 days a week playing rights


+£20 per round (summer)*

£15 per round (winter)**

Lifestyle Membership


   7 days a week playing      rights


Youth 19 – 21 years

7 days a week playing rights


16 -18 year

7 days a week playing rights


Under 16

7 days a week playing rights


  Under 10

7 days a week playing rights


Driving Range Membership

No playing rights


Country Member (lives over 30 miles from Club and have a home club with handicap)

7 days a week playing rights


Social Membership for a Spouse of a Full Member

Non playing

£65 (inc VAT)

Social Membership

Non playing

£130 (inc VAT)

The appropriate affiliation fee will be applied in addition to the annual subscription. 

£20 Admin fee upon joining.

Ladies & Gents affilation fee £16.00 

*Summer-April 1st-October 31st

**Winter-Nov 1st-March 31st